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Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile is a great flooring material that is very low maintenance, durable and stylish. More durable than most any other wall or floor covering, hard surface flooring offers timeless beauty and the advantage of being easy to clean. Our Beaver Carpet product lines provide an extraordinary range of options in numerous collections, floor tile and wall tile for you to choose from and have been designed to be compatible with a variety of moldings and decorative accent tiles. 

Choosing your ceramic tile might be the hardest part of a tile project. There are literally thousands of colors, sizes, styles, shapes and grades to choose from and Carpets at Dalton imports a huge selection of Ceramic Tile from throughout the world.

The trend in ceramic tile used to be to stay as neutral as possible. In fact, most of the tiles sold for home use were either white, almond or gray. Today, white and almond are still the most common, but most consumers are moving toward accent colors. Colors are getting warmer and brighter, as well as clearer and cleaner.

Materials used to make tile and the methods of manufacturing determine its durability and absorption. It is crucial to know what tile is best suited for your specific situation or end-use.Glazed tile is typically not recommended for flooring surfaces, due to its poor slip coefficient.

Most ceramic tile is glazed. Glazed tile is manufactured from a mixture of clays that are pressed into shape. A "glaze" is then applied to the top and baked on. Glazed tiles are available in high-gloss, matte finish, and abrasive slip-resistant finishes. Glazed tiles also are produced in decorative styles with a pattern or hand-painted design. The glaze on the tile is only coated on the surface, so if it gets chipped, the chipped are will reveal the color inside. Glazed tiles tend to scratch on frequently used countertops, but they're suitable for walls. For floors, make sure you select a finish that won't be too slippery when wet and will hide scratches.

Mosaic tile is suitable for any flooring or wall surface.Mosaic tile is made from different types of clay with color pigments added.  Mosaic tile has color that penetrates the tile through and through. Mosaics are suitable for almost any surface because they are moisture-resistant, stain-proof, and highly resistant to chipping or scarring.



Quarry tile can be very charming with each tile having its own size and shape.

Quarry tile is a broad classification for any tile made out of a mixture of clays. They are usually deep red in color and left unglazed. These tiles are used mostly for interior floors because they're usually porous and irregular in shape. The surface of these tiles can be sealed or left unsealed, although, they may stain if left unsealed. Many refer to this type of tile as "Mexican Tile".  In fact, in opening boxes of Quarry Tile, you may find puppy foot prints, chicken tracks, or other accidental imprints that adds charm to this flooring material.

Natural stone provides a beautiful flooring materialAnother trend in high-end tile jobs is natural materials like slate, marble, granite, and limestone cut into thin pieces and installed as tile. Here in Dalton, GA, both slate and marble are mined within 30 miles of our Beaver Carpets location.

Installing these natural stone flooring materials provides a beautiful flooring project that quickly dominates any room design scheme.

Shaw  has added two tile lines- Fortaleza and Villa Percara-and a traditional ceramic, Palmetto.  Fortaleza is a durable porcelain tile with a slip-resistant surface and features a marbled coloration of darker and lighter tones to create a heightened illusion of motion. Villa Percara has antiqued edges for a rustic look much like stone flooring of the Old Country, including swirled coloration, making it reminiscent of sandstone and suggests a coastal European feel, and Palmetto has a peaceful, cool and modern look, with a touch of surface variation that gives visual interest.



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